School Bus & School Zone Safety

As the start of the new school year approaches, the Kernersville Police Department reminds the motoring public to be alert for children walking to and from school, as well as children walking to and from school bus stops and/or children getting on and off the school bus.

As of January 1st, 2016 North Carolina school districts are using a standard crossing signal to help protect students when they need to cross the street to board the bus or after exiting the bus. The school bus driver will first hold palm out indicating that students should WAIT before stepping into the roadway. After the driver has checked for safety, he or she will then give students a “thumbs up” indicating that the students should then check for traffic and then cross the street. The driver will indicate the direction to walk by pointing with his or her index finger. School bus drivers will sound the horn if the driver observes a danger. In the afternoon as student are exiting the bus, the same procedure previously described will apply.

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to educate children on the aforementioned process as well as, safely crossing the roadway if required, utilizing a designated sidewalk, and waiting for the bus driver to indicate to the child that they may cross the street once the bus has come to a complete stop, the stop arm (stop sign) is fully extended, and that the red warning lights on the bus are activated. In the event the bus driver sounds the bus horn, children should be instructed to seek safety immediately.

Beginning on the first day of school (August 29th), in an effort to reduce injuries and death, officers will be increasing patrols and enforcement in and around designated School Zones. Additionally, officers will be concentrating on School Bus Stop Arm Violations, whereas motorists fail to stop for a school bus that is in the process of loading/unloading passengers. Motorist should use the following guidelines provided by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles relating to school buses stopped for the purposes mentioned above: See pictures.

Anyone observing a motorist passing a stopped school bus, or any other dangerous driving behavior occurring in the Town of Kernersville is asked to contact the Kernersville Police
Department at (336) 996-3177 or 911 in an emergency situation.


Contact: Officer J. Collins, Traffic Enforcement Unit
Phone: (336) 996-3177
Fax: (336) 996-0432