Crime Alert Auto B & E’s

The Kernersville Police Department and surrounding areas, is seeing an increase in automotive breaking and entering’s. This is predominantly occurring in our neighborhood communities, although it can be in shopping centers too. Investigations revealed that the vast majority of all these auto B & E’s occurred to vehicles that were left unlocked.

The Kernersville Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance by being vigilant and observant for this type of criminal activity.

The police department has already increased their patrolling efforts in neighborhoods, parks, businesses centers, and schools earlier this month. We ask the public to consider that we aren’t but a few by comparison to our population.

We have launched our Hide-Lock-Take campaign which is a program designed to remind everyone to Hide their belongings, Lock their vehicles, and Take their keys. If you’re able to remove those belongings from the vehicle, please do so to reduce the desire to enter the vehicle.

Signs have already been posted in some areas of town and we will continue the distribution throughout the month of January.


If anyone has any questions regarding the program or information for the police department, please visit our website and file out the relevant form. If you have a general question that is not addressed by one of our forms, you may email us at


Thanks and be safe.