2017 Police Day Camp

  Every year the Kernersville Police Department hosts a Police Day Camp. This program is coordinated by our School Resource Officer Unit and consists of kids that attend our local community schools. The officers are grateful to all of the people who donated funds to help keep this program running. It is a great way … Continued

Crime Alert Auto B & E’s

The Kernersville Police Department and surrounding areas, is seeing an increase in automotive breaking and entering’s. This is predominantly occurring in our neighborhood communities, although it can be in shopping centers too. Investigations revealed that the vast majority of all these auto B & E’s occurred to vehicles that were left unlocked. The Kernersville Police … Continued

A Friendly Visit

Thank you to this family for coming to the PD today and sharing your thoughts with us. Thanks for the flowers and gifts. Officer Kearns said she had a blast hanging out with you all at your home today!