The Vice and Narcotics Division is charged with the broad enforcement of all narcotic and dangerous drug laws. This includes state laws and applicable federal laws. It investigates street level, mid-level and upper level narcotic crimes through a wide range of investigative techniques. Its other narcotics responsibilities include pharmaceutical investigations and its vice responsibilities include offenses such as gambling.

The Vice and Narcotics Division conducts in-depth, long-term investigations on organized drug traffickers. They are often involved in multi-jurisdictional investigations, collaborating with state, federal, and other municipal agencies in order to reach a conviction. These cases, while time consuming and labor intensive, substantially reducing narcotics trafficking activity within our community. A typical investigation of this type might involve protracted physical and electronic surveillance, extensive research into the criminal organization, and financial backgrounds of the subject or subjects under investigation. These cases routinely generate larger seizures and forfeitures, enhanced prosecution and sentencing, and a wealth of criminal intelligence that is valuable to the entire law enforcement community.