Traffic Team

The Traffic Team consists of four specialized traffic enforcement officers.  Members participate in “Booze it & Lose it“, “Click It or Ticket” Campaigns, DWI checkpoints and other traffic related programs. Traffic Crash Reconstruction is a major function of the team. Members attend many hours of specialized training and certifications in order to be considered a crash reconstructionist. They endure great time and effort in both their professional lives and their personal lives in order to provide the best service to the community and the people as a whole.

The Kernersville Police Department is committed to ensuring that our roadways are safe for our citizens as well as individuals traveling to or through our community. Traffic safety is an important aspect of policing as which reduces both serious injury and/or death resulting from a motor vehicle collision and has been shown to deter other crimes as well. The Kernersville Police Department utilizes a variety of traffic safety measures, including, traffic safety educational events, child passenger safety seat checks, overt and covert speed surveys/enforcement, speed enforcement by RADAR/LIDAR, driving while impaired checkpoints, and seat-belt enforcement initiatives. Although these events help makes the roadways in Kernersville safer by reducing injuries and deaths in motor vehicle crashes, traffic safety is truly a community partnership.

Report a Traffic Incident

Report a traffic incident online by using our interactive web-form.

S. Johnson

Traffic Team Sergeant