Recruiting the next generation of police officers is one of the most influential tasks in determining the long term fate of a police agency and the community it serves. Ultimately, the recruits of today, will become the leadership of tomorrow. This makes finding qualified, committed candidates critical to the effectiveness of an agency, as measured by the community’s quality of life and crime rate.

The community, understandably so, has high expectations of police officers. The Kernersville Police Department focuses on employing those who, are ready to undertake those expectations and provide a Higher Level of Service to the people of Kernersville.


Why Should I become a Police Officer?

Letter from the Chief

Benefits and Compensation

What are the Requirements to be a Police Officer?

Police Employment Requirements

Application Process

How to join the Kernersville PD

I am a civilian interested in a career in law enforcement.

1) Try a ride-along with one of our officers to see if a Career in law enforcement is right for you.
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2) Apply for and Complete Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)
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3) Apply for Employment with Kernersville Police Department
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I am a law enforcement officer or currently in BLET.

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I have questions about becoming a police officer.

If you have any questions about the Kernersville Police Department the process of becoming a police officer please contact [email protected]